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Andy's Auto Exterior 2 — Mechanic Service in Lynnwood, WA
This place is the best! Corey and his team are quick, efficient and honest! I've been in several times and they have made my experience painless. Do not hesitate to go here, you will be very pleased with the service.
Josh W. – Via Yelp 10/26/2016
If I could give more stars I would. This Is THE Best Shop IN THE North Seattle area. Not sure how they make money. Always very honest, and the bill will reflect that. Thank you Corey and the guys on your staff.
Wes G. – via Yelp 10/17/2016

These guys are THE BEST. I never thought I would feel so pleasantly about a mechanic but they are legit. They are fast, keep to their word, and always willing to help customers out in any way they can. I have a warranty on my car and when I needed my radiator and hoses replaced they were able to cover the cost of the hoses (even though they weren't covered by my warranty) in the radiator replacement cost since they could get the radiator cheaper than quoted by the warranty company. Who goes out of their way for customers like that anymore?!? Another vehicle was making grinding noises and it turned out the belts needed tightening. They fixed the issue and didn't even charge. Keep up the good work my friends. A+++
Jennifer J. - Via Yelp 9/21/2016

Prompt, transparent, and reasonably priced service--what more could you ask for? I am so pleased to have found Andy's. The only downside is that they are busy and appointments book up fast, but I understand the demand for their services.
Casey L. – Via Yelp 7/26/2016

I just had to write this review as I have dealt with Andy's over the years (I used to have a Subaru) and they were always honest and thorough and fair. Recently, I brought my Honda in to find out why it would not start right up and they checked it out and diagnosed that my new battery (bought elsewhere) was defective. They charged me nothing. I had to go to where I bought the battery and get it replaced. The guy there thought they misdiagnosed the problem but after talking to Corey on the phone he considered that it might be the battery - and yes, it had a dead cell. I am so impressed with this place.
Michael B. – Via Yelp 7/15/2016

I always hated looking for shops to work on my car. It's difficult to find a honest shop that won't charge you for crap you don't need and overcharge. Andy’s Auto has great employee's, all honest and do great work. Corey is great and has always had an answer for my problems, I haven't left without being satisfied.
Cody M. – Via Yelp 7/1/2016

Can't beat 'em for fair pricing. Only problem is everybody else knows it and you may have to wait over a week to get an appointment.
Bob E. – Via Yelp 6/10/2016
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